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Help for You

If you understand a framework and follow a process, you WILL get better results. 

Let Kit Allowitz, author of Don’t Pull the Chicken Switch help you with the execution of a 7 step process to achieve everything you want out of work and life. 

 When you don’t do what you say, when you give up or just cave, this behavior is called Pulling the Chicken Switch. Pulling the Chicken Switch can be avoided. Sometimes we pull it knowingly, other times we trigger it subconsciously. To not Pull the Chicken Switch takes willpower. If you understand that willpower is a product of what you believe, while managing your physiological and psychological systems, you can fend off Pulling the Chicken Switch and get everything you want out of life.

Kit Allowitz offers organizations a 7 step sequential process to drive wiser willpower and to achieve you the goals you seek.  

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