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  • Kit Allowitz

Don't Pull The Chicken Switch!!

“You chickened out!”

You have very likely heard this phrase before. Have you called another person a chicken or been the recipient of this jab?

This blog is about resisting the ‘Chicken Out’ factor.

"Pulling the Chicken Switch," in this context is a phrase that describes our behavior when we don’t do what we committed to do. At times, pulling the chicken switch occurs almost nearly as a physical experience when we decide to pull the lever and back out of what we have committed to do. At other times it occurs more on a subconscious level when we hesitate and step back in the moment, abandoning our resolve based on past, current or potential future stimuli or stories.

This blog, "Don’t Pull the Chicken Switch," explores the chicken switch behavior, why we pull the switch, how to pull it less and real life Anti-Chicken Switching tools that exist to counteract our human propensity of Pulling the Chicken Switch!

Kit Allowitz, author of, "Don’t Pull the Chicken Switch," and has spent his life as a champion for not Pulling the Chicken Switch! He has also observed, researched, watched and studied his behavior as well as that of hundreds of people in nearly every situation conceivable as to why and how the Chicken Switching factor happens. Kit wants to pull the chicken switch less. Kit wants to help you look at ways you can pull the chicken switch less.

Kit, an avid but 'normal guy' athlete has completed dozens of races ranging from marathons to Ironman’s to Ultra-marathons. He has observed chicken switching infecting him on the race course as well as other athletes around him. Kit has also worked in consulting, training, sales and speaking in many different industries for 25 years and witnessed firsthand the innumerable times Chicken Switching occurs in the workplace by employees at all levels of organizations. Kit has a family, friends and is part of a community and has witnessed himself and those around him Pulling the Chicken Switch hundreds of times with family, friends and their community.

Popular synonyms for, "Don’t Pull the Chicken Switch," include will power, self-control, ego depletion, don’t take the marshmallow, discipline, keeping your commitment and many more. These synonyms show up in Kit’s blog and book with direct correlation to real life situations. "Don't Pull the Chicken Switch," provides fun, engaging, thought provoking points to consider and tools to use that provide access to more follow through and discipline in your own life.

Don’t Pull the Chicken Switch!

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