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The desire compared to follow through fallacy

The Dilemma: You’re not getting done what you committed to.

The Fallacy: Choosing not to believe that follow through is strongly linked to desire.

Hypothesis: If you are not following through on commitments you’ve made to reach a goal (whatever that goal is) …. then your desire is low?

Choice: Abandon ship.

Choice x 2: Choose something else to go after.

Choice x 3: Give yourself permission to drop ‘it’ and go after something where your desire is high!?

That is what I am pitching you on today.

Life is too short to fight low desire in achieving the steps needed to achieve a goal.

Example: I have been trying for a decade to qualify for the world championship Ironman race in Kona, Hawaii. I have been to Kona to walk, run, swim where my Idols have been and competed. I have dreamed a many dream about getting there…. but have I gotten unreasonable to get there?


Therefore, I state that my desire is not high enough to earn the dream.

Abandon ship.

I did…...for now.

I shuffled my focus…...and attention to something else where my desire is high (like an 8,9,10 on scale between 1-10).

That shuffle is pointed at chasing my dream of owning my own business - Kit Allowitz LLC, specifically, platform speaking and spreading my message of Don’t Pull the Chicken Switch.

My desire is very high. My follow through on the steps to get to my dream are getting done. I am experiencing strong follow through on the actions required to get to my desired outcome.

Desire is the darnest thing.

Desire is defined as …….a wish, a wanting, a longing, a craving, a yearning.

Desire can deceive us. Our wants can create impulse decisions to go after something we have not really thought through. The now self easily signs up the future self for all sorts of things. It pushes all the steps to actually follow through onto the future self, often without enough thought to what it means to the future self when the future self must eventually ‘do’ those steps.

I call it the desire compared to follow through fallacy.

If desire is low…. it’s a nature law that follow through on the steps to get to the goal will be low.

Am I too bold to state: if you think you want something, yet the steps to get there are not being done consistently…then desire…or I should say the lack of desire is the place to look.

The answer is NOT to try harder.

Although trying harder might be admirable.

It’s not to push through and be miserable.

Although pushing and being miserable along the way can be adventurous.

Sometimes admitting what is so (your desire is low) is the wisest thing to do.

86,400 seconds per day just isn’t enough time per day to be farting around working on stuff, going after stuff, trying to achieve stuff where your desire is low.

Are there dangers to just not doing all stuff when desire is low?

Yes, for sure!

Some things we could choose not to do could result in career cul-de-sac outcomes.

Relationships could be jeopardized. Health risks could be heightened, etc.

I’m referring more to the low desire goals we think we want, but don’t really want……

I want to lose weight, but not willing to curb sugar and carbs.

I want a good working relationship with my colleagues, but not willing to listen with the intent to understand.

I want to save money, but not willing to quit my Facebook Ads of Duran Duran memorabilia impulse buying tendencies.

I want to start my own business, but not willing to risk failure.

I want that new Ford Focus SRT, but not willing to work a second job to afford payments.

I want to get married, but not willing to put myself out there.

I want to live in Switzerland, but not willing to learn German to increase my chances for being hired by a German company.

I want a better relationship with my daughter, but not willing to give up the payoffs of my current behavior.

I want to write a book, but not willing to give up weekends for a year to get it done.

Low desire is the starting point if you find your follow through is poor.

Having strong desire becomes the big-ticket item to get things achieved.

Like 8,9, 10 on a scale between 1 and 10. Numbers 1-7 are varying degrees of pooh commitment.

I’m talking specifically about desire related to desired outcomes that are achievable, either short term or long term or even midterm.

What I’m not talking about is the example……I have an immense desire to fly like superman…. like a 10 on the point scale. However, I recognize flying just like superman, being just like superman isn’t possible in this realm…...for now.

What I’m talking about is desire for desired outcomes that are doable (and there is A LOT that is doable) that don’t violate the principles of the known universe.

For example……. I could get a spot in the Ironman world championships.

I could. It could be dang hard, but achievable. I could get big muscles. I could earn $100M a year, but is my desire high enough?

Am I willing to get doggy dog unreasonable?

The question is….do I have enough desire at the starting point to get going on any one of these goals.

And then enough desire to push through when things get difficult…..cause a majority of desired outcomes are/can/will get difficult.

For example: Years ago, I wanted to get to the Boston Marathon. I naively thought I could run the 3:10 hour finish required to qualify.

Nope. Five, six, seven marathons into it, I wasn’t there. It was difficult for this just average runner. Yet my desire was high. So, I got cold and calculated and set specific lead measures that would insure I lowered my mile average to the required 7 minutes to achieve a 3:10 hour finish. Result: Portland, Oregon Marathon, 3:09 hour finish. Boston bound I went.

Just because we desire something doesn’t mean that’s enough to follow through on the steps required to get what you desire.

Another example: I have the desire to get off my 3 favorite energy drinks: Monster Ultra, Sugar free Red Bull and Coke Zero…..

The problem is, that desire level isn’t high enough to follow through on that commitment.

Outcome: I still drink my 3 favorite energy drinks.

Good? Bad? Wise? Unwise?

Hypothesis turned fact: If desire isn’t high enough…for whatever it is you seek, then following through on that commitment, after the emotion of making that commitment has passed is tough.

Completion gets swishy.

Pulling the chicken switch is high.

Question: So how do we get desire higher…high enough to follow through? get off the yummy…but maybe…..not healthy energy drinks?

Short answer: I’m not sure you can OR would want to. Accept what is and choose something else to go after.

Longer answer: You can often grow a 5,6,7 level desire to the required 8,9,10 often by slowing down long enough to create enough awareness. With awareness comes choice.

What do I mean: Back to my Boston marathon pursuits? It wasn’t until I slowed down, mixed my desire with knowledge of how to conquer a 7-minute mile for 26.2 miles that I created the awareness to then drive different/wiser training choices to get there.

Information (knowledge) creates awareness.

Awareness creates choice.

Choice creates the ability to make a well-informed commitment towards the goal(s) we seek. (check out my 7 steps to less chicken switching at

A commitment backed by knowledge, awareness and choice equals choice that is educated.

Result: significantly less bailing out. We are far less likely to pull the chicken switch.

With enough desire, anything* is possible!

*Synonym phrase to the word ‘anything’ is NO matter what! Alot can be achieved in life if we live by….No Matter What! Try it?! ……but only on items where desire is an 8,9, or 10.

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